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Featuring Steve Munger on tenor saxophone.


Dirty little crack ho comin’ on to me
Just getting started on her misery
She wanna know if I wanna have a go at her dirty little thang

She just needs a twenty for a couple a rocks
Twistin’ up a grin for the smile that she mocks
She ask me again, do I want in her dirty little thang

She’s a little hottie, workin out in the streets
She’s so naughty
She’s got everything that Uncle John needs

I know I oughta run but I’m thinkin I’ll stay
I know it’s dumb but I can’t walk away
She liftin up her thigh to let me have an eye on her dirty little thang

Diggin in my pocket gonna give her some money
Cause Lord, I gotta have a little taste of her honey
In a motel room, gonna meet my doom, in her dirty little thang

- Lynn Henson