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The big white owl is back in the barn,
Life is sweet again here on the farm
The horse princess has bailed and gone, Leaving us to carry on
And that’s just what we are gonna do

Bob-white quail ducking into the briar,
My green girls are getting me higher
The rest of the world can do what the wish,
I’ll check it later on my satellite dish
When I get back from my daily trip to town

I’m taking my dog for a walk on, The Chehalis Western Trail

I got a 1950 Packard Clipper, Its 63 years old and it couldn’t be hipper
Me and Joe will take it out on the road, Looking good and rolling slow
In every picture window all over town

Everything here is good as gold, Sun is shining in my soul,
Only thing left is to load a bowl, For the ride

- Lynn Henson